Where to Get Free Images for a Website

Gone are the days when you could provide text-only content for your site and get away with it. Today, try that and you will lose on not only search engine ranking but also on sales. Photos are a better way of increasing traffic on your site. They are not only worth a thousand words but are worth cash. They promote your site, your products and also boost your brand. They are good at attracting readers, boosts your site’s appeal as well as the appeal of your social media posts. An online entrepreneur who knows what they are doing is sure to add images in their sites. The problem however is finding images for free yet licensed. There are many sites that offer Free images for websites. However some of these sites are considered better than others. Here is a look at best sites to source free images for your e-commerce store.

2. Dreamstime.com

In this site, there are more than 26 million images that are both free to use of paid for. You will first be required to create an account with the site before being allowed to use an image from the site. The registration process however is free. It is wise to first read all the terms and conditions of using an image from this site.

3. Flickr.com

This site first started as a digital source for storing images and as time went by, photographers have made their photos available here for free use under the Creative Commons license. Always read through the terms and conditions of a photo before using it, to avoid violating copyright terms. Here there are images that are not fit to be used for commercial purposes as well, and the site images will ask you for attributes and you may be asked to provide the information about the owner of the image. The image owner may as well ask you to inform him where you have saved the image. The sites common information page gives you the details of your preferred image.

4. Freeimages.com

There are many expensive free photo stock websites these days, but this site was created to serve as an alternative to these sites. The site has more than 350,000 images in a wide array of categories and you can use them depending on your purpose. It is also vital to carefully read since there are restrictions on using certain images and also here you are required to ask the image owner for permission to use their image. Here you will always get the right photo for your e-commerce store.


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